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How to Use a Bulk GEO IP Locator Tool to Find Website Traffic Geography


Using FreeSEOToolSEM bulk geo IP locator tool is an effective way to track down a large number of IP addresses and their geo-location. It uses a graphical interface to find the IP address, location, ISP, and even ASN. The tool is free and allows you to gather large volumes of information at once.

If you are a marketer, this tool can help you target specific locations and find the most profitable customers. It can also help you identify the most reliable sales leads. By segmenting data by physical location, you can easily target potential customers and track down their browsing habits. You can also see how many people are in a particular area and what search engines they use to find relevant websites.

In addition to looking for IP addresses, this tool can give you the details of the ISP, region, and country associated with the IP address. This helps you analyze the traffic on your website. You can even find out whether a particular IP address has a spike in traffic. You can then take action to block the IP address or redirect it to a relevant page.

Geolocation of IP addresses can help you serve targeted advertisements and content to local customers and help stop online fraud. Geo-location is an extremely useful tool for businesses, but it is still not widely understood. There are a variety of other ways that it can be used to your advantage. Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, geo-location can be a powerful marketing tool.

If you have multiple IP addresses to track, you can use a bulk geo IP locator tool to find the IP address of all of them. The tool will then display the location of those IP addresses by country, city, and latitude and longitude. The data that you receive will be provided in a CSV file. The tool also gives you the information about the organization that the IP address belongs to. It can also help you track down domains that are being used by the IP addresses you are tracking.


FreeSEOToolSEM Bulk GEO IP Locator tool is a great tool that enables you to lookup IP addresses in bulk. These proxies are helpful for many purposes including web analytics, localization, targeting ads, and analyzing logs. They also allow you to filter out bots and other undesirable users based on region and country.

While IP Geolocation is technically possible, there are limitations to it. The accuracy of data is about 90 per cent at country level, but declines quickly once you start searching for city level. This means that if you live outside of a major metropolitan area, you might end up finding that your IP address points to a major city center, but not to the center of a smaller city. The best results will be from the country and state level.

Although Bulk GEO IP Locator can be useful in the analysis of traffic patterns, some users have reported frequent downtime. Nonetheless, this service is excellent for smart fraud detection and optimizing targeted advertising campaigns. Over 5000 businesses worldwide trust this service to find website traffic geography.

Accuracy of IP geolocation is improving in recent years. However, there are still several limitations. First, the IP addresses may be assigned to the wrong city and postal code. Additionally, some IP addresses are not included in databases. Second, domain registrants might not update their information with domain registrars, which decreases the accuracy of IP geolocation data.

Another drawback is that it is difficult to trust free IP geolocation databases for complex projects. There may be a request cap, and the databases may only be accurate at country level. Also, you may only be able to use this service if your traffic is limited to just a few countries. So, you should always check before choosing a free geolocation tool.


FreeSEOToolSEM geo IP location tool can be helpful in knowing where your website's traffic originates from. By knowing this information, you can offer products and services that are tailored to your customers. Using a geo IP locator tool can help you avoid misdirections, such as showing the wrong country code when a user visits your website. In addition, it can also be helpful if you're fighting spammers or other illegal activities.

When choosing an IP geolocation service, it is important to know how accurate and how many IP addresses are monitored. A reliable service should provide accurate and timely results. This is especially important for security applications, which depend on accurate location information. Some IP geolocation services focus on specific regions, such as the United States. Other services offer global coverage, so it is important to consider coverage before choosing a tool.

Bulk GEO IP Locator tool is a web service that can detect IP address and geographic location. It uses the IP address as a "street address" and can route traffic to the most efficient server based on the geographic location of the website visitor. This can improve traffic delivery and minimize latency. Furthermore, IP geolocation does not require personally identifiable information, which makes it compliant with privacy regulations.

Bulk GEO IP Locator Tool has numerous features that can determine a website's location. It can identify IP address, Internet service provider, and city. By clicking on the More button, you can access additional information. Once you know the IP address and country, you can determine the city or region where the IP address is hosted.

A bulk GEO IP Locator Tool has many features, including geolocation API and bulk IP geolocation. You can use it to find websites' traffic geography and make the content more relevant to the region. It also allows you to target advertisements that are relevant to the visitor's location.

You can select an IP geolocation API from a variety of available options. Many of these services provide a free trial. However, the free version will have limitations and will not be appropriate for commercial use.

Limitations of free APIs

If you're looking for a bulk geo IP locator tool, you have two options: free APIs or paid APIs. Free APIs come with some limitations. For example, they're limited to a certain number of requests per day. Free plans aren't ideal for business or commercial use. You'll need to pay for a paid plan if you'd like unlimited access to their database.

If you need to make thousands of requests a day, you can use a paid geolocation service. The APIs are available in multiple languages and come with documentation and examples. They also handle authentication via API keys. In addition, they only serve API requests over HTTPs. You'll be limited to making 20,000 requests per day for free, but if you need to make more frequent requests, you can choose a paid subscription plan that allows you to make even more requests per month.

There are a few free APIs that are worth exploring. These include Maxmind, which offers IP Intelligence data in high volume environments. While there are some limitations, Maxmind's API is excellent for intelligent fraud detection and optimizing targeted ads. The company claims that over 5000 businesses have used the API to detect phishing scams and identify website visitors. Furthermore, their API allows you to upload a CSV file for easy access.

The free APIs of bulk geo IP locator tool are limited in their functionality. You'll be limited to making only five API requests per day in a free account. You'll need to sign up for a paid account if you want to access more geolocation data.

Another limitation of free APIs in bulk geo IP locators is that they don't allow you to upload files to their database. Some of these tools require manual IP checking. This may be useless if you're looking for automatic detection of IP addresses on websites. Also, not all API providers support all programming languages. If you need to use non-supported languages, you'll need to code the IP geolocation by yourself.

Most free APIs come with a paid plan with a low monthly fee. Budget pricing can cost as little as $9.99 a month and is great for smaller businesses. Budget pricing can also be useful for testing out the system.