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How to Use a Keywords Suggestion Tool

When you use a Keywords Suggestion Tool, you enter the keywords or phrase that you are looking to rank for and the tool will give you a list of thousands of suggestions. These suggestions are based on a variety of criteria. In the United States, they can be narrowed by volume or popularity.

Answer the Public

The keywords suggestion tool from Answer the public is a very powerful tool to use when researching your keywords. It generates simple visualizations of search terms that people are likely to use when searching for a particular topic. The free version of the tool will only display keywords that are relevant to your niche. If you want to find relevant long tail keywords and find long tail keywords that are country-specific, you need to use the premium plan.

Another tool for keyword research is the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. This tool is excellent for doing in-depth keyword research and is free. You can also use the full Ahrefs SEO suite, which includes link building, competitor analysis, rank tracking, website audits, and more. It also includes a free keyword generator called Ahrefs Keyword Generator.


FreeSEOToolSEM is an easy-to-use keyword suggestion tool. Originally created to scrape Google Suggest terms.

The FreeSEOToolSEM Keywords suggestion tool gives you popular keywords suggestions. 

Long Tail Pro Keyword Planner

There's an art to keyword research, and Long Tail Pro can help you master the technique. This software automatically checks the position of keywords in Google each 24 hours. If a keyword has high search volume, it may be a good choice to target it first.

Using a keyword research tool is crucial for successful search engine optimization. Keywords play a huge role in a website's ranking, and long-tail keywords are even more powerful. They reduce competition and help you climb Google pages. The Long Tail Pro keyword planner can help you generate multiple keyword suggestions for your content. It also rates the competitiveness of keywords, so you can see how difficult it is to rank for them.

Long Tail Pro offers three plans: Starter, Pro, and Agency. All three come with additional features, including keyword tracking. The Starter plan comes with an affordable price of $25/month. It includes keyword research and competitor analysis as bonuses.


One of the best ways to discover relevant keywords for your website is to use WordStream's Keywords suggestion tool. The tool uses a proprietary metric, Opportunity Score, to determine which keywords are likely to drive conversions. This can be especially helpful for advertisers with limited budgets and resources. By assessing the importance of each keyword, you'll be able to decide which ones are the best matches for your content, landing pages, and SEO campaigns.

The free version of WordStream's Keywords Suggestion Tool has limited features, but it can yield hundreds of keywords that are highly relevant. It also offers more diversified long-tail keyphrase suggestions than Google's Keyword Planner. It also offers paid metrics and additional tools like Keyword Nichemer, Keyword Grouper, and Negative Keyword Tool.

BiQ Keyword Intelligence

BiQ Keyword Intelligence is a powerful keyword suggestion tool that will help you generate relevant and profitable keywords. This tool scrapes Google's search results to find the most popular questions and answers for a particular keyword. This data will help you write content that relates to your target keyword. The keyword suggestion tool features multiple filters to help you find the most relevant keywords for your business.

Its search intent section will help you find keywords that your target audience is searching for. These keywords will attract more traffic from search engines. In addition, the tool will also show you the keyword value, which will help you determine which keywords will bring the best results.