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There are several methods to check if your IP address is blacklisted. One of the methods is to the use FreeSEOToolSEM IP Blacklist Check Api tool. A delisting request can be submitted to the blacklist database, but it's important to note that this doesn't always guarantee that your IP address will be removed. Depending on the blacklist database, the delisting request may be refused or may take a long time to be processed. On the other hand, some blacklist databases will automatically delist your IP after a certain period of time. The FreeSEOToolsEM IP Blacklist Check Api is 100% free that's why is recommended to use the IP Blacklist Check Api Tool.

DHCP IP addresses are blacklisted
You might be wondering why your DHCP IP addresses are blacklisted. There are two reasons why. One is that the DHCP server you're using has blacklisted addresses. Another is that you're using a mobile device that gets ip addresses from a DHCP server.
If you've been receiving spam emails or sending out spam to other users, your email account might have been blacklisted. The other reason is that your IP address has been blacklisted because of some kind of malicious activity. This can involve pinging other computers or running a mail server that allows people to spam. The IP address is then blacklisted by the network administrator and blocked.
If you've been blacklisted, you must contact the blacklist to remove it. In most cases, contacting the blacklist owner directly is your best option, but some blacklists have a specific process you can follow to request removal.
DHCP IP addresses are blacklisted for sending spam
If you use a DHCP IP address, you may be receiving spam. This happens when someone has abused the IP address. The ISP has a record of previous owners and can put the IP address on the blacklist. There are some things you can do to avoid being blacklisted and keep your IP address.
The first step is to report the spammer. You can do this by reporting spam in your email application or through a spam database website. Most blacklisting websites will let you know when you have been blacklisted for sending spam. Once you have been blacklisted, your IP address will bounce emails until it is removed.
If you are concerned that your IP address has been blacklisted, check with the administrator of your network. If they have a policy in place to prevent spam, you can block the IP address to prevent it from sending any more. You can also block certain IP addresses that have been blacklisted by blocking them from connecting to other computers.
DHCP IP addresses are blacklisted for sending UCE
A DHCP server can either answer requests from any client, or it can restrict IP addresses for a group of clients. While the former is more secure, the latter is less convenient. Using static mappings means that if an IP address is unknown, it will be assigned out of a different pool.
You might not know it, but your DHCP IP address is already blacklisted. This is because your ISP knows who had the IP address before you. If you're a legitimate website, you don't want to end up on a search engine blacklist. However, you can prevent this from happening by following best practices.