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If you want to check the DNS records for several domains and IP addresses at once, you can use an IP and domain bulk lookup tool. This tool is commonly used for investigating IPs found in server logs. Its main advantage is that it is free of charge. This makes it ideal for bulk lookups and bulk domain registrations.

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Bulk DNS lookup websites offer a fast and simple way to find information on a large number of IP addresses at once. These websites take a list of IP addresses as input, and provide the country, city, ZIP code, city, and region for each. If the IP address has an ASN, the website will give you that information, too. If the IP address is for a specific website, you can also get additional information such as the organization and website name.

The website can check up to 500 different IP addresses for free. There is no CAPTCHA or limit on how much you can use it. Once you have your IP list, the website will provide you with a CSV or other file you can download. After downloading, you can open the file and view the IP information.


Freeseotoolsem has a DNS lookup tool but not a bulk DNS lookup tool.You can input your website URL and get the ip, host, etc associated with each. 

The data provided is accurate to within a few milliseconds. 


Domaintools free online bulk DNS lookup site offers a variety of services that help you find out all the information you need on a website. These services include reverse whois lookup, MAC address lookup, and firewall tests. In addition, the site offers tools for determining vulnerabilities in websites and detecting malicious content.

The website allows you to search for domains that have expired or been deleted. Domaintools offers a free bulk DNS lookup service, which allows you to find out who the domain owners are. It also provides a wide range of information about a website, such as the IP address and hosting company. These tools are useful for webmasters because they allow them to search for domains that are important to them and provide valuable information.


The free bulk DNS lookup tool from Hacker Target is easy to use and aims to be a useful reference tool for IT and security teams. Using this free tool has its limitations, however. For example, you can only perform five queries a day for free. However, with a paid subscription, you can run an unlimited number of queries daily.

This website allows you to lookup more than one IP address at a time. It also allows you to find multiple associated hostnames for a website. All you have to do is type in the IP address of the website you want to lookup, click on the "continue" button, and you'll see a list of the associated hostnames.


Free Online Bulk DNS lookup websites are a useful tool for anyone who wants to check the health of their domain servers. These tools will analyze a large list of IP addresses, check MX records, and even provide recommendations for solving any issues that are identified. They can also help you export the results in CSV format to your PC.

Some free bulk DNS lookup websites even offer bulk IP lookup services, which is especially useful for companies that want to check the location of customers' IP addresses. They take a list of IP addresses and display information like the country, region, time zone, ZIP code, and ASN. You can export this data to a CSV file if you want to save it for further use.


A bulk DNS lookup is a process in which you can check the information of multiple domains. It can provide you with the name, address, email address, and other details of domain owners. Some of these bulk DNS lookup websites even allow you to check up to 500 domains at once. You can also check the status of these domains, as well as their registration date.

Using a free bulk IP lookup website is easy. All you have to do is enter a list of IP addresses, and the tool will pull out the information for you. The site will display the domain name, ISP, and city/state, as well as the ZIP code. If you want to export the results to CSV, you can do so.